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Snapshots of a Godly Life, Part 1 – Series CD


Joseph is presented to us in the Bible as a model of the godly life. Nothing bad is ever said about him. Joseph, no doubt, had his faults and failings like any of us, but the Bible passes over them because the point of his story is to spotlight how God would bring redemption to the world through his Son, Jesus Christ.

This series includes these sermons:

1. Loved and Favored  (Genesis 37:1-11)
2. Hated and Despised (Genesis 37:12-36)
3. Blessed and Successful (Genesis 39:1-6a)
4. Tempted and Faithful (Genesis 39:6b-12)
5. Trusted and Accused (Genesis 39:13-23)
6. Suffering and Serving (Genesis 40:1-23)
7. Wise and Discerning (Genesis 41:1-43)

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