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Three Wise Principles for Dealing with Scandals

Joab, the hotheaded commander of King David’s army, had been out on a raid when Abner came to visit David. When Joab returned and learned that David had received Abner with grace, he was furious, for Abner had led a rebellion against David and killed Joab’s very own brother. So […]


The Power of God to Set You Free

There is one battle you will fight your entire life. I’m referring to your battle against sin. Some of you reading this blog post are discouraged today; some of you feel beat up and ashamed; some of you are sick of fighting the sin in your life; and some of […]

Key Connections

Key Connections (February 1, 2017)

Six Ways Jesus Faced Opposition (Meredith Hodge, Unlocking the Bible) Jesus, the Man of Sorrows, experienced opposition far worse than my situation. But in his eyes, it’s not relevant, for all who call on his name receive the same power and ability to face opposition. 7 False Teachers in the […]


Six Ways Jesus Faced Opposition

I opened God’s Word with a heavy heart, feeling the burden of opposition. A friend had recently attacked my character due to a difference of ethical beliefs. Stunned and hurt by this, I quickly recognized my unpreparedness in facing this attack. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit prompted me to seek the […]


Three Keys to Decision-Making

“I should’ve signed up to help with junior high Sunday school!” I whined to my husband. I had just heard about some new girls who were coming to the church, and I thought it would be great to connect with their families and welcome them. My husband wisely reminded me […]

Hostile World

Christ Came into a Hostile World

If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you. (John 15:18) A world of hostility toward truth, a world infatuated with sin, a world full of broken people who want to rule themselves—Jesus was born into this world. And if Jesus was received in […]

Key Connections

Key Connections (November 16, 2016)

Walking with Our Children through Suffering (Sarah Walton, Set Apart) What do we do when suffering strikes in our kid’s lives? How do we prepare our children for a world that involves disappointment, pain, and loss? 3 Motivations to Hate Sin (Erik Raymond, The Gospel Coalition) Until sin is actually hated […]

we do not wrestle against flesh and blood

We Do Not Wrestle Against Flesh and Blood

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. (Ephesians 6:12) Daniel faced tremendous political pressure from the members of the king’s court. Brought to […]


Three Questions to Ask in Conflict

Conflict is one of the more unpleasant symptoms of sinful people living in a sinful world. Its effects range from uncomfortable but momentary interactions to total relational devastation. And if you’ve been part of a local church for any length of time, you know that the bride of Christ isn’t immune […]


Four Steps to Consider in Confrontation

Confrontation is never easy. It always comes at a cost. We are humans who live on a created planet full of other humans, and when we encounter each other, there will be opportunity for confrontation. Relational heartaches come in varying degrees. Some heartaches are low-level tension and can be tolerated […]


Six Strides Toward Forgiveness

Imagine standing right next to a hurdle on a race track. You can’t jump a hurdle from a standing start. You have to take a run at it. Often we get focused on one sin, one problem, one issue that we want to overcome. How do I get over my […]

you shall not murder

You Shall Not Murder

The 6th commandment, commonly read as “You shall not kill,” seems like it should be easy to obey, but it is likely we have broken it frequently and recently. Three Ways to Murder The King James Bible states the verse as “Thou shall not kill,” but more recent versions translate […]

The Dangers of Anger (and What to Do Next)

Recently, anger seems an overwhelming part of our cultural, political, and personal rhetoric. Should we be concerned, or is anger an appropriate response to perceived injustices? The Anger of the Lord I will punish the world for its evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; I will put an end […]

Dealing with Rejection through the Gospel

Rejection is part of the business of this world. It comes in an endless variety of forms—not getting the job, a parent whose approval always seems to be just out of reach, a parent who decided not to be your parent after all, a spouse who comes home one day […]

Seven Steps to Making the Best Decision

The Lord, in his goodness, has given us decisions to make in our daily lives. Some of those decisions seem relatively insignificant—like what to eat or how to cut our hair. But the constant barrage of choices can be stressful. Especially perplexing is the choice between multiple good options—when a […]

Inside Out and the Peace of Christ

The Pixar movie Inside Out was recently released on DVD, and it’s a subject of conversation in our household. My eight-year-old says he didn’t understand it, my nine-year-old didn’t like it, and my five-year-old was scared by it. The eight-year-old had to leave the theater because he was so disturbed […]

What Does Your Frustration Say About You?

I’ve recently entered a new life stage – the stage of realizing how valuable my parents’ advice is. It wasn’t an easy road to get here, but I made it eventually. For my dad, this transition means he gets sought out every few months with a big life issue. (Unfortunately for […]


Why Apologizing Is Important for Our Souls

If I’ve learned anything from working at a real grown-up job, it’s how to apologize. Or maybe that’s giving myself too much credit: I’ve learned the importance of apologizing. Apologizing is that excruciating process in which I slice open my own pride and lay my weakness out on the table […]


The Gospel Doesn’t Allow for Prejudice

Prejudice is inherent to humanity. Prejudice, in its most heinous form, can be seen in the recent events of South Carolina. In a stirring article by Albert Mohler on his website, he writes, “The ideology of racial superiority is one of the saddest and most sordid evidences of the Fall and […]

God's plan wisdom trust Jesus

Responding to Thwarted Plans

“The heart of a man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps” (Proverbs 16:9). Innumerable. That term describes the number of times my plans have been thwarted throughout the course of my 26-year-old life. Allow me to provide some examples: Plan: To pack a full house on the […]

the gospel coalition

Restoring the Lost Years

When it comes to the lost years of your life, God promises the impossible. “I will restore the years that the locust has eaten” (Joel 2:25), he says. But what exactly does this mean? What are lost years, and what does it look like when God restores them? Pastor Colin […]

jc ryle quotation

How to Follow Christ in the Face of Difficulty

When the going gets tough, what is your response? The arrival of difficult circumstances should be no surprise to the Christian. The fact of the matter is that hardship is an unfortunate, yet unavoidable reality that every Christian must face in this life. Jesus, himself, spoke to his disciples about […]

armor of God

The Belt of Truth, Part II

Who or what has the final say in your life? Your answer to this question will reveal what in your life determines truth and, ultimately, what you believe about Jesus Christ. In the last blog post, we discussed the meaning behind the belt of truth in Ephesians 6:10-14, and why […]

What Does It Mean to Enter into Temptation?

Everybody is tempted.  As long as you’re in the body, temptation can reach you.  The impulse to sin has a landing place in your life. Jesus doesn’t say, “Watch and pray, so you won’t be tempted.”  There’s no way you can get to a place in the Christian life where […]

What Football Can Teach Us About Battling Sin

The Christian life is a life filled with many battles and the battle against sin is always with us. It’s a long warfare. Every time you say “Yes” to a sin, you increase its power in your life and you make the next temptation harder.  It takes a stronger position. You […]

Three Reasons Why People Reject God | Video

In his recent sermon titled Hidden Hatred in the Human Heart, Pastor Colin Smith (@PastorColinS) shared three reasons that people reject Jesus Christ. Below is a video snapshot explaining why Christ is a stumbling block to many (full text below). People stumble over Christ’s teaching about: 1. His unique glory […]

How to Respond to Attacks From Satan

Have you ever doubted your salvation in light of your sinfulness? This excerpt from a Charles Spurgeon sermon should be a comfort: “I know what the devil will say to you.  He will say to you, ‘You are a sinner!’ Tell him you know you are, but that for all […]