Topic: God’s will


God Is Not a Super-Human

According to psychologist Robin Rosenberg (Smithsonian.com), Americans love superheroes because the characters are relatable and their stories inspire. Heroes are often regular men and women who undergo some “life-altering experience” and discover their hidden power. Unfortunately, the idea of an ordinary person with extraordinary power colors our understanding of God. […]

Christian Walk

Your Christian Walk Isn’t About You

I was a young missionary and a young mom. My husband and I had just crossed the Pacific Ocean and arrived on the field with our six-month-old baby girl. I started hosting women’s Bible study right away, but I didn’t have the bandwidth yet to teach my own material, so […]

when life doesn't make sense

Four Mistakes We Often Make When Life Doesn’t Make Sense

Have you ever experienced a time when you could clearly see God’s hand guiding you in a certain direction, and suddenly, “BAM!” Circumstances took a sudden and sharp turn in a direction you never saw coming? Recently, God allowed what seemed to be his provision to be suddenly stripped away, leaving […]