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Five Dangers of Reading Christian Biographies

Reading Christian biographies has been a major source of growth for me. They inspire me in a way unlike other literary genres because they blend Christian living, theology, and history in a way that stirs both my soul and my imagination. Much like Hebrews 11’s listing of biblical figures who lived by […]


Becoming a Selective Listener—In the Best Sense

Our so-called “information age”—when information has become the going commodity—involves voluminous data, assertions, thoughts, and opinions whizzing both from and toward us online. Within this environment, not only do false teachers exist—as in historical times—but they have now inherited the power to ask for attention through greater reach, even paying […]


The Redemption of Christmas

There is some debate about what time of year Joseph took a very pregnant Mary to Bethlehem (see Luke 2:1-7): Scholars have tried tracking Jesus’ birth with how it relates to the birth of John the Baptist[1], or with details regarding the shepherds in the fields when Jesus was born. […]


How the Reformation Sparked Evangelism

Wherever the gospel is recovered, you get a new momentum in relation to missions-evangelism….What we need is people who are captivated by the gospel. Then we’re going to see an advance in missions. (Colin Smith) Next year marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. In a video produced by […]

Christmas songs

Three Treasured Christmas Songs and Their Stories

Every song has a story.* Christmas songs, in my house, are only heard from the day after Thanksgiving through December. While I write I am listening to an eclectic play list of Christmas selections, ranging from “The Messiah” (in the background right now) to Elvis Presley and everything in between. I’ve sung a number […]