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Key Connections

Key Connections (October 26, 2016)

Why Does God Regret and Repent in the Bible? (John Piper, Desiring God) …when God makes a promise to us, he does it with complete foreknowledge of all the future circumstances and is, therefore, never caught off guard by anything. Ten ways to appreciate your Pastor (Meaghan May, The Good Book Company) Ministry […]

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Three Ways to Encourage Earnest Prayer Requests in Your Small Group

We sat around the warm fireplace, journals open, pens ready, and eyes eagerly awaiting the wisdom of our women’s ministry director. A group of small group leaders from our church had gathered for a night of reflection, learning, and sharing. The first semester of small group had flown by, and now […]

How to Get Closer to God

How to Get Closer to God and Others

This year I’ve spent several Wednesdays dreading the evening’s small group. We have a group of amazing prayer partners—and that’s just the problem. Our group has come to expect the real, troubling prayer requests, not the easy ones about grandmothers’ colds and work travel. I get prayer request paralysis. It’s […]

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Five Small Group Lessons from Jesus

Pat and I were married just a few years before work moved us from Pennsylvania to Florida. Visiting a nearby church, we met Dave and Gloria who invited us to their home and introduced us to another young couple. As the holidays approached that year, Dave and Gloria invited us […]