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Take Heed, Lest You Fall

Video Transcript: There is a story behind David’s sin with Bathsheba. Whenever you hear of a moral calamity, such as we have here, there is always a back story. These things don’t just happen out of the blue at random. The back story in David’s life is clear: “David took […]

Everybody Steals in Two Common Ways

Here’s an exercise to help you remember the eighth commandment: Visualize the number eight sideways. It looks like mini handcuffs. This exercise helps me to recall that the eighth commandment is stealing. Thou shalt not steal. (Exodus 20:15) Most people think they have not broken this commandment because often people […]

Sexual Immorality

Three Steps to Address Sexual Immorality

My dress matched my eyes and my hair was just right. My lipstick was fresh, and I slipped on my heels as I walked out the door. I was hoping that he liked what he saw. This may sound like I was getting ready for a date, but in reality, […]


The Eternal Importance of Exercising Self-Control

I am a habitual nail-picker. If I’m nervous, I play with my nails. If I’m distracted, I play with my nails. Whether something occupies my attention, or I have nothing else to do, guess what? I play with my nails. By the end of all my fiddling, I’ve practically worn […]

What Does It Mean to Enter into Temptation?

Everybody is tempted.  As long as you’re in the body, temptation can reach you.  The impulse to sin has a landing place in your life. Jesus doesn’t say, “Watch and pray, so you won’t be tempted.”  There’s no way you can get to a place in the Christian life where […]