Topic: Unity of the Body


In All Your Ways

My Grandpa Jim wrote an autobiography that he hoped would “show that when we commit our lives to God’s direction, His promises are proven true, time and time again” (Jim Miller). When I was thirteen, he scribbled this note in my copy: Dear Eden, We are proud of your many […]

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A Challenge to Those Who Are Grieving

Video Notes: There are two sides to weeping with those who weep. The first is that there must be brothers and sisters in Christ who are ready to listen, ready to sit with the one who grieves and identify with their sorrow. But if this is to happen, the one […]

small group

Nine Ways to Miss the Point of Small Group

Thursday night. Bibles open. Six men from the local church pray together. One of them reads Psalm 31 and applies it to his brother. A strong sense of God-dependence fills the room. Sunday post-lunch. The church is quiet after a busy morning. Kids play in the next room, while five […]

Everything You Need to Know About TGC17

Will we see you at TGC’s National Conference next week? From April 3-5, close to 10,000 believers will gather in Indianapolis to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation at “No Other Gospel: Reformation 500 and Beyond.” Featuring 70 speakers on over 50 topics, TGC17 is bound to be a […]

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Three Ways to Guarantee Teens Leave the Church

Does your church like teenagers? Most would answer a hearty and enthusiastic, “Of course!” Why else are you buying all that pizza, offering all those programs, and doing everything you can to teach and care for your teens? You want to keep them in church. But lurking in many hearts […]


Why Discipleship and the Local Church Must Go Together

A friend recently (and innocently) asked me, “Who are you discipling?” In unpacking this question, I came to learn that what he meant was, “Who are you meeting with one-on-one to help them become more like Jesus?” This friend had no agenda other than to get to know me, but […]

Are Intergenerational Relationships a Blind Spot in Today’s Church?

I must admit it — I have often tried several wrong roads before finding the right one. To put it a positive spin on it, I’d call myself a “trail blazer.” Despite how blessed I was to be surrounded by many godly family members and friends who sought to teach […]