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Thank you! Your support of Unlocking the Bible is what drives our work together forward. Pray for us as we work to PROCLAIM the gospel, MOBILIZE believers, and EQUIP leaders to serve the church.

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These videos below capture real impact in people’s lives as a result of each of these areas of our ministry. If you haven’t already, please consider making a special gift in support of our Three to Stand On efforts.



Unlocking the Bible—A vision to PROCLAIM, MOBILIZE, and EQUIP

Learn why Unlocking the Bible’s core mission is to PROCLAIM the Gospel, MOBILIZE believers to evangelism, and EQUIP church leaders for ministry.



PROCLAIM: Gabe Ramon’s Story

Gabe Ramon is a Denver radio listener of the Unlocking the Bible broadcast. When Gabe heard Christ proclaimed through the first message of the “Momentum” series entitled, “Blessed!”, he finally understood the true Gospel message.



MOBILIZE: John Aiello’s Story

John Aiello Jr. was mobilized to use resources provided by Unlocking the Bible to evangelize and disciple his own father to a saving faith in Jesus Christ.



EQUIP: André Ballard’s Story

Pastor André Ballard is a 2017 graduate of Unlocking the Bible’s Residency program, intending to equip the next generation pastor with gospel truths that will not sway with a dynamic culture. André is also the newest pastor of The Orchard – Chicago Campus.



Stand with Unlocking the Bible as we PROCLAIM, MOBILIZE and EQUIP.

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