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Blessed, Part 2

Momentum: How to Make Progress in Your Christian Life

You want to make progress in the Christian life, but you feel stuck. You’ve lost momentum. Pastor Colin Smith talks about the key to progress in the Christian life, and[…]

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Key Connections

Key Connections (September 22, 2017)

Nabeel Quereshi (1983-2017) (Justin Taylor, The Gospel Coalition) Jesus is the God of reversal and redemption. He redeemed sinners to life by his death, and he redeemed a symbol of execution by repurposing it for salvation. He redeemed my suffering by making me rely upon him for my every moment, bending […]

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The Art of Turning - Book

The conscience seems mysterious. We’re often not sure how to listen to it, if we can trust it, or what role it should play in our lives. Kevin DeYoung explains[…]