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From Frustration to ...

Moving in the Right Direction

Success.  Everyone wants to be successful.  But that raises a huge question: What is success?  And how can we know if we’ve truly achieved it? Join Pastor Colin Smith as he[…]

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renewing your mind

Five Steps to Renewing Your Mind

What does your stream of consciousness sound like? There are words floating through my mind at all times; some are good and purposeful, and others are not. My mental monologue generally contains too much self-focused and self-defeating babble. “What a stupid thing to say!” (Imaginary palm to the forehead.) “Did she just ignore […]

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UTB Story Vol 1 - 500W

Unlocking the Bible Story, Vol 1

Volume One covers the Old Testament books of Genesis through Nehemiah, as well as the key themes of Life, the Curse, Salvation, Atonement and Covenant. (336 pages, Hardcover)[…]