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The Urgency of Firm ...

Living Like There's No Tomorrow

You know someone whose faith is under fire. How can you minister to them? Pastor Colin talks about three ways – the ministry of presence, the ministry of the Word,[…]

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Uncomfortable Bible Verses

What to Do with Uncomfortable Bible Verses in the Psalms

The scene in my life is familiar. Something weighs on my heart: a fear, a temptation, or a thought-battle. Seeking comfort, I naturally go to the Psalms. I want to be on the path that is straight and narrow; Psalm 5 is my pick for prayer against temptation today. This […]

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The Art of Contentment

Contentment does not mean that you are indifferent to your circumstances. It means that you are not controlled by your circumstances. Contentment is about moving from anger to peace, from[…]