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Servant, Part 2

Unlocking the Bible in Isaiah & Jeremiah

The church is to be the channel of God’s blessing in the world.  Pastor Colin explains how, with all the churches sins and weaknesses, this will happen. That’s today on Unlocking[…]

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Three Keys to Abide in Christ

“Abide in me, and I in you.” (John 15:4) Christianity is about far more than holding right beliefs or adopting right behaviors. At salvation, we enter into a union with God that changes our legal status. We have right standing with God now. We have a righteousness that comes by […]

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Hope When It Hurts Book

Hope When It Hurts contains 30 biblical reflections on God’s purposes in suffering. This beautiful, cloth-bound book will gently encourage and greatly help any woman who is struggling with suffering whether physical, emotional[…]