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Q&A: What Could We Listen to During Our Road Trip?

August 27, 2019

Question from a Listener:

Hi, I am taking a road trip with a friend who was not raised in an evangelical church.

He believes in God but does not know Jesus. He has a heart for God but also has some cynicism toward the church and Evangelicals, as his experience has been they are pushy and hypocritical.

I want him to learn more about the true nature of God and His promises. I want his heart to be uncovered and softened and his eyes to be opened to the person of Jesus.

Can you recommend something for us to listen to that would be a good starting point? My plan is to play this in the car while we drive. Thank you for any suggestions.

I would recommend an online study called Open.

Open takes you through the Bible story – from Genesis to Revelation. It will help your friend see the big picture of who God is and what He has done, as well as the significance of Jesus.

Open also has a set of discussion questions for each session that are geared especially for you to walk through together. And you can listen to it together right from your phone.

This study has 50 sessions, and you could begin it on the trip. If your friend is interested, you could finish it together afterward.

When you return from your road trip, you could do a session a week together. Or, adjust the pace to fit your schedules.

The website is, and it is completely free to use with no log-in required.

The Author
Tim Augustyn

Tim serves as the resident pastor, writer, and editor of Unlocking the Bible. He was born and raised in northern Wisconsin, came to faith in his 20's while working in the business world, and received a Master's in Divinity from Trinity International University. He is author of the children’s book Man on the Run, and co-author of The One Year Unlocking the Bible Devotional with Colin Smith. Tim and his wife, Janna, and their four kids live in Arlington Heights, Ill. Contact Tim at

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