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Full Assurance

From Faith That Lasts

True faith lasts, and it is in persevering that we show ourselves to be Christ’s sheep. “My sheep hear my voice… and they follow me” (John 10:27). Following Christ is the mark of Christ’s sheep.

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Firm Foundations

From Faith That Lasts

Most Christians know someone who at one time professed faith in Jesus Christ and then wandered away. At one time they were enthusiastic, engaged in ministry—there seemed to be evidence of spiritual life. But then something changed.

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From The Life of David, Part 3: His Troubles

We are going to see what happened in Jerusalem on that same day when David left the city. David and his small band of loyal supporters left Jerusalem heading east over the Kidron, and up the Mount of Olives. A few hours later Absalom arrived, coming from Hebron in the...

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