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Made for Friendship

Cultivating true friendships that lead to life-giving joy
March 2019

Friendship is one of the deepest pleasures of life. But in our busy, fast-paced, mobile world, we’ve lost this rich view of friendship. Helping us recapture a vision of true friendship, pastor Drew Hunter explores God’s design for friendship and what it really looks like in practice.
For your gift of any amount, receive a copy of Made for Friendship.
For your gift of $60 or more, receive the book Made for Friendship and the message series Faith With Questions on CD by Pastor Colin.

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God made you for friendship

Made for Friendship
Pastor Colin says, “Drew Hunter will capture you with his compelling vision of friendship. Beautifully written, these pages are filled with fresh insight and practical wisdom. Reading this book will ignite your desire to be a better friend and to savor the joys of friendship.”

For your gift of any amount, you can receive a copy of the book Made for Friendship.

Faith With Questions: Dealing With the Darkness of Doubt
Discover how you can live with faith in a world of unanswered questions. Doubt grows for different reasons, and if we are to deal with it effectively, the first step will be to identify its root cause. This series will help you discover why you are doubting and offer a prescription in the form of a spiritual discipline which, if practiced regularly, will aid you in addressing the problem.

For your gift of $60 or more, you can also receive Pastor Colin’s message series Faith With Questions on CD.

Made for Friendship book

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Made for Friendship book + Faith With Questions series CD

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