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Teaching Series

The Heart of the Gospel

Do you feel overwhelmed? Confused? Powerless? You need to grasp the heart of the gospel. In this short series, Pastor Colin explores the three central mysteries of the Christian faith. God is with us through Jesus who was born in the manger. God is for us through Jesus who died on the cross. God is in us through Jesus who gives the Holy Spirit to every believer. Discover the peace and power of knowing God personally through faith in Jesus Christ.

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From this Series


God With Us

Jesus is 'God with us.' Pastor Colin challenges “us” with two questions about this truth, and he encourages “us” with one implication of this truth.

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God For Us

Do you have a sneaking suspicion that God is against you? Pastor Colin talks about why it’s more natural to fear God than to love Him.

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God In Us

Does your faith revolve around a teaching or a set of disciplines? Pastor Colin talks about what Christian faith revolves around.

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