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The Life of David, Part 2: His Triumphs

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The Life of David, Part 1: His Trials
The Life of David, Part 3: His Troubles

We desperately need leadership that unites. What does that look like?

The life of David falls into three parts:

1. His Trials—when he was hunted and persecuted by Saul
2. His Triumphs—when he established the kingdom
3. His Troubles—when his own sins and folly caught up with him

In this series, we are looking at David’s triumphs. Here is the story of how David was able to unite a nation.

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Avoiding Needless Conflict

Is there an area of your life that could escalate into a greater conflict? Pastor Colin talks about what can happen when conflict escalates and two questions you need to ask yourself when you’re in the middle of a conflict.

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Why God Hates Violence

Does the end justify the means in the kingdom of God? Pastor Colin talks about what will happen to those who live this way. How will Jesus establish His kingdom? Pastor Colin talks about the problem of violence and the message that has been entrusted to us.

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Offended by God

Are you offended by God? Are you missing out on the blessing of God? Pastor Colin tells us a story from the life of David when he was offended by God, too, then when David stopped walking closely with God and instead began walking at a ‘safe’ distance from Him.

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How to Pray

Where can you find the courage to pray? Pastor Colin talks about the relationship between the Word of God and prayer. Would you like to learn how to turn God’s promises into prayer? Pastor Colin demonstrates from six different Psalms!

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