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“I thought I would take the opportunity to express my thankfulness for all I am receiving through your ministry.”

August 21, 2019

Dear Pastor Colin and all who serve at Unlocking the Bible,

I thought I would take the opportunity of using your printed envelope to write a real letter to express my ongoing thankfulness for all I am receiving through your wonderfully blessed ministry. As you will realise from the envelope, I am a regular monthly donor and so receive LifeKEYS Daily. That’s the first blessing of the day! So often the page I turn to contains the truth or promise or thought that I need. Later in the day or sometime in the evening, I log into the Unlocking the Bible daily broadcast. On Wednesdays I know I will find in my “inbox” the weekly extra with articles and a full length sermon. On Saturday I look for “weekend” – but for me – perhaps best of all is the Sunday sermon from The Orchard. It’s hard to express all that these sermons are giving me. As I come to the end of each one I just feel enriched and blessed in a truly wonderful way – the Word of God making sense in a way never completely known before.

Thank you Pastor Colin for all the thought and study and prayerful preparation you give to everything we hear from you. The best way I can describe what we receive is to compare it with a perfect meal – the Word – plus all the necessary digestive juices – Pastor Colin’s shared understanding of the passage – for it to be taken in to strengthen our souls, and fit us for living the Christian life. I hope this makes sense!

I want to add that the current Sunday Sermons, taking us through the Bible as one story – pointing to Jesus, are so very helpful and needed.

I take note of the books that you recommend. I fully understand that they can’t be shipped out to us in the UK, but I’m pleased to be able to report that thanks to an excellent bookshop in Tewkesbury – I am able to obtain a number of them – including “The Enemy Within,” “Christians in the Age of Outrage,” and just recently – the very special “Isaiah by the Day,” which I am working through as suggested.

One final thank you – is for the contact made in early January by “MOT.” This was heartening and encouraging and I took up the suggestion that I could always ask for specific prayer. This I did, sharing the need we had (the fellowship I belong to and myself) for prayer for a special project we had embarked on to bring The Bible to life for small gatherings in our villages through fully rehearsed, improvised scenes. We have just completed the one which recalled the events surround the Birth of Jesus and we – all 10 of us elderly women – were acutely aware of being supported and held up and protected by prayer and for this we are all very grateful. Best of all we have received encouraging feedback in that the scene entitled “Bright Morning Star” does seem to have brought the Bible to life for a number of people. All praise and glory to God.

With gratitude for all I have expressed – Sincerely, Sue


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