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“Your message was a spark that I needed to start building my fire for Jesus.”

July 29, 2019

I have been a listener since September 13, 2017. Your message that day was a spark that I needed to start building my fire for Jesus.

I’m sending this tonight as I lay in my hospital bed, I have been here since last Thursday for a heart issue. As of 1200 noon today I am the recipient of a brand new pacemaker/defibrillator combo. My heart problems arise from congenital heart defects; I have had 3 heart surgeries since birth.

The reason I’m reaching to you is I want to say thanks a million. You posted a tweet on April 30, 19: “The prescription for fear is to stop looking at it and to get your eyes fixed on Christ. You need to worship and to fill your mind with the greatness, power, glory, and beauty of your Savior until you come to the point where you can trust him in whatever you’re facing.”

The tweet and the message it sent to me is going to be a staple in my life moving forward. I am scared of the new defibrillator and the PTSD that I feel it may impose upon me. So I am going to take this tweet and treasure it. I need to meditate on this and I need to praise God for all the good that he does.

Thanks for all you and your ministry do.

– Michael

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